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Friday, March 6, 2015

Exploring Home...

Hello Blog Family,

I'm enduring blog withdrawals. I'm in the process of setting up my health counseling business. Also preparing myself for starting graduate school (!!!), so no time for creative or informative blogs, or for much travel either. However, I've been finding solace in exploring the nooks and crannies of my home. Both inside and out.

Taking the dogs for walks has been particularly rewarding, especially since Stella had a minor surgery recently, so going out has been kept to a minimum. And trips to the beach, ahh, so grateful to live here. We finally got some rain (even snowish hail!). Lots of time spent in the house as well. Cleaning, organizing, decluttering, in an effort to turn my home into a makeshift office to take clients in for sessions in the near future. And I've been very much enjoying going to my same farmers markets, grocery stores, restaurants, water stores ... getting to know my community members a little more every day. A slight shift towards a simpler way for the time being. And life seems a little more beautiful because of it.

We did take a family vacation with cousins to Vegas a little over a month ago. I adore spending time with them. And I learned a few things on that trip. I do not belong in Vegas. As a sensitive person, I was overwhelmed by the busy-ness, the big-ness, loudness, rudeness, the drunkenness (this was my first sober trip there) - no wonder people numb themselves up with booze the whole time! We thankfully took a spa day (at Caesar's palace- most beautiful spa I've been to!), much needed. 
And of course it was challenging being vegan there. Not only because of food availability (that part was actually totally do-able with a little scouting), but because this was my first time being around (since before I worked at Seabirds) people who are -not just curious, but- openly challenged by my lifestyle. I was regretfully unprepared. And upon our return home, I had to visit Urgent Care for chest pain and diffuculty breathing (what I believe was a physical manifestation of my anxiety - something I experienced one other time during my troubled teenage years). I can find the good though. I love spending time with my cousins. And the opposition I faced has launched me into a new direction with my free time and energy at home lately. I'm fully absorbed in researching ethics and morality... the very meaning of veganism. I am now prepared. I welcome and look forward to every future opportunity to be questioned or challenged. I now feel grateful for my difficult Vegas experience...

I'm especially grateful to Will. You always breathe me through every trying, emotional situation. You are my perfect balance. I love you.

And I love You All ...

Until next time ;)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Adios 2014!

Happy Holidays to You!

Winter is here ... Christmas is near; it is a beautiful time.

This post is going to be a bit layered:

First, I must touch on Maui, because this blog was originally created as a travel blog, after-all ;)
Second, I'll share my food-haul video from today.
And Third, some logistics...

Balboa Pier, Newport Beach

Watercolor painting by Will 
(of me in Standing Half Lotus outside our hotel gazing toward Molokai)

     So, I got married ;) It's been almost two months now, but I haven't posted since the big day. It was beautiful and perfect. And we 'mooned in Maui, which doesn't sound very original, but we have friends there and it's where we got engaged. There were a few lovely days where we did absolutely nothing besides lounge ... on the beach, in our room, by the pool, on the patio. We met with friends, ate at our favorite places, and I got to try a few new fruits (my favorite thing)! There's talk of us setting up to go out there once or twice a year so Will can guest-spot at Skin Deep. And then I can put out my feelers for some things too :}

     Moving onto the video I just finished ... What I Brought Home from Mother's Market Today ... a sort-of part 2 to my other food-haul video. Here't'is...

     I'd like to start taking questions, ideas, & suggestions for video topics. If any of you out there have any for me ... send 'em on over, please and thank you!

     Now, lastly, and in perfect timing to line up with the end of the year, I'd like to announce that this will be my last post here on Blogger, sort of. I'm working on creating content and prettying up my website, which will contain a new blog. So this blog will be returning to what it was originally designed for, as I mentioned before, my travel blog. Molly's Gypsy Wagon will now focus on sharing my travels with my loved ones. Keep your eyes open though, for my new website which should be launching in a couple of months! 

     Thank you for all of the love and support, Family! Happy Holidays to YOU! <3, Moll

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emotional Health

Emo. I am.
Maybe it's because I'm a girl. Maybe not. Maybe it goes along with my empathic, sensitive, anxious nature.

Whatever it be, I am an emotional person. And I've learned to hone in on the deep connection I have to my emotions and feelings... to see them as guides.

A few years back, I got on a raw vegan kick. I decided to get "healthy." Like most people out there, I had this idea that it was all or nothing. Only raw food, sweaty workouts every day, etc. And like most people out there, I did not succeed within that template. And that is a good thing ;) It was fun and empowering at first, but keeping a strict regimen wasn't keeping me happy. <--the key ingredient.

One of the bits I love most about the integrative nutrition school I attend is that we are taught that the holistic approach is imperative. Meaning ... that we can eat all the raw whole foods we possibly can, but if our marriage (or our career, or mental health, etc) is in shambles, we will still experience physical symptoms of poor health.

The way this unfolded for me was when I decided to do away with maintaining the perfect diet and exercise program, and decided instead to follow my bliss. I eat more vegan junk food these days and exercise less (but play more!), and my true health is soaring.

Why? Because my emotional health is in balance. I've made a habit of looking inward when negative emotions flare up and listening to what the sweet-little-me-inside is asking for.

This is where we discover the paradox in health. The basics are simple, but when we balance and individualize, "health" as a concept and a plan can seem quite complex: Everyone knows what it takes to be healthy, right? ... more water, fruits, veggies, and whole foods in general; less processed foods, alcohol, coffee ... better sleep, rest, stress-management ... and exercise. I think most people understand these points as part of a healthy lifestyle. But some of the things we often forget, that are just as vital, are relationships and community, career, finances, spirituality, mental and emotional health, creative expression. These are the pieces that make up the "grey area" of health. There is no black and white when it comes to individual health. Not even one diet (even though I love to believe that plant-based living will save the world), because we each have our own little emotional attachments to food. And that's okay. The journey is in finding a way that is pleasing and nutritious to each of us, individually. And the journey never ends =) Good luck!

Moral of the story: do what makes you happy. It's healthy, damnit! ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hello Friends,

For tonight's post I'm sharing about the Instagram "series" I began nearly a week ago...

I'm keeping my tribe updated with posts on all the little things I'm putting special intention into as I prepare for my teeny beach wedding in just-shy-of a month.

The theme is holistic health tips, and in my mind as I was posting the first photo, I was searching for a clever hashtag to umbrella what I was doing. I imagined workout ideas, recipes, and the like and #onemonthtosexy was one of the first phrases that popped up. Simple and clear, albeit silly. So that's where you can find the series on instagram. And you can find me... @mollyolivetree.

G'night ;)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumnal Equinox has Arrived - Fall Cleanse

Happy Fall time ...

The days are growing shorter. I've been saying my goodbyes to smoothies as cooler weather invites me to drink more tea and sip hot soup. I'm starting to plan out my seasonal cleanse. The news of late for me is that I'm in a time of change. My recent card readings agree. I'm enduring deep transformation on the inside, in my career, and in my relationships. One in particular is indeed transforming on a very exciting level, which has me all giddy and wide-eyed: I'm getting married. Fall will forever have an even deeper, sweeter meaning to me from here on out.

So with all of that in mind, I'm thinking to begin a mental cleanse. As someone who gets easily overwhelmed, I think it would be a kind-to-me idea to re-establish a bit of a meditation practice.

Meditation can be used to calm the mind and body, and to tap into the still peacefulness of our Inner Knowing. To allow feelings and thoughts to come forth, to pass through. It's not something I consider myself particularly practiced at. But the effort will be in giving myself the time to reset and relax for a few moments every day. To simply sit and be with myself.

There are Kriyas, grounding and guided meditations that are often helpful too. If you try anything out for yourself, will you share your experiences with me? How does meditating make you feel? Do you meditate regularly? What kind of meditation do you practice? Is it challenging for you? Easy?

Bliss*ings on your journey,

Monday, September 8, 2014

For the Ladies...


Today I have a video for you. I'm still working on getting comfortable while recording so thank you for bearing with me. :P Enjoy:

Have fun dancing your troubles away!

Monday, August 25, 2014

New Moon; New Intentions

Greetings, from Sasebo (Japan)!

I'm here in my brother Mick's apartment, thinking about new intentions to be set for the New Moon...
What came up for me yesterday, while my sister and I were walking through a beautiful cemetery in the trees on a very green hillside, was Reverence. I was looking around us, in awe. I had decided that the day would be devoted to finding my new intention, and Reverence kept coming up.

It's easy for me to feel gratitude and appreciation, deep respect and love when I'm out in Nature like we were yesterday in the cemetery. Nature is my 'church.' But I started recalling feelings of reverence while thinking of our travels here. The plane ride, airports, shuttles, buses, food, luggage, different languages. The complexity of it all. The people here... the flight attendants, the train station workers, the shop owners and employees, cooks, servers. The way they smile and bow to one another, and to us. Respect. Kindness. In the way the graveyard memorials are maintained. Brooms, flowers, gifts. I feel it for the trees and the rain, the park we're going back to today to enjoy a picnic lunch. I can see it in everything.

And something else came up for me this morning. I was on the apartment balcony, looking out toward the cemetery we visited (behind Mick's home). A small, white cat slinking through the maze of stone aisles and stairways. There are lots of cats here, wandering around. Meg and I often wonder whether they're street cats or have families to go home to. So when I saw this kitty, initially a smile crept up on my face (I love kitties). And then a bit of sadness. Why? I imagined this little cat sad, alone, traipsing along, with only the resting souls to keep her company. But then, inspired by a movie playing in the other room (The Labyrinth. Jennifer Connelly plays a dramatic young lady who dreams up fairytails of goblins and princesses in her spare time), I imagined a new scenario. An adventurer of a free young kitty, whose favorite place is the mysterious cemetery near her home. Chasing butterflies, napping in the shade, leisurely conversing with the cicadas and the wise spirits of the old place. This version felt better. And that's when it came to me. I clarified my intention. I choose to see Reverence paired with Magic, in everything. Better for my Soul. Better for this world...

"We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we create the world" 

Magic and Reverence for you, in everything you See, Dear Friends...
Love, Molly